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Who Are We ?


We are longtime residents of Kensington with a backyard apiary. Will has

been keeping bees since his early twenties when he had a commercial bee operation in South America. He became interested in bees when a swarm landed in his backyard in Medellin, Colombia. He found a local beekeeper

to mentor him and fell in love with the trade. Will and his two partners had 900 hives; raised queen bees; built and sold bee equipment; exported 50 gallon barrels of honey and learned just about everything there is to know about beekeeping. After Colombia, they moved their operation to the low country in North Carolina until they were tired of fighting the bears who have a real hunger for the sweet stuff  (think Pooh bear). Since living in California for

the last 30 years, providing local honey and natural products continues to be something we are happy to share.

Honeybees account for 30%

of the pollination we need to grow our food...that's every third bite! So enjoy some

local honey - it's good for you, your allergies, your pollinators and the environment. 

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Our Commitment to Quality


Our honey is made by the thousands of bees we tend in our backyard here

in Kensington. The nectar is gathered from all the bee friendly plants found within 3 miles of our yard, in our neighbors' gardens and local parks. Happily there is plenty for the bees to forage in our part of the world. We offer our local honey as naturally as it's delivered to us - unheated, unfiltered and raw. The benefits of eating honey has been known for thousands of years and while it is difficult to prove all the benefits of eating local honey just ask an allergy sufferer if a teaspoon a day doesn't help with their allergies. It makes sense. When eating local honey you are eating microscopic amounts of the pollen the bees gather from the local flora that cause the allergies. Allergy sufferer or not we hope you enjoy our local honey!         - Will and Kate

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bee-icon-vector-id1143045754 copy.jpg
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